Step 1: Automated Soldering

The Cells are arranged in a row and are soldered together using a copper ribbon to create a "cell string".

Step 2: Automatic lay-up

After aligning the required number of strings for a given module, it is layered and prepared for lamination - Back sheet, EVA, Cells, EVA, Glass.

Step 3: Lamination

After initial IV and EL testing, the module materials are placed in a protective covering. They are then bonded together through a combination of high pressure, vacuum effects and high temperature processes during the lamination process - the result is a completely encapsulated panel.


Step 4: Rigid Frame Construction

Using an automatic framing machine and a silicon gel that is applied to the frames, the encapsulated panel is framed in a rigid construction - 2400Pa & 5400Pa rated.


Step 5: Testing

Each module goes through a final round of IV and EL testing, is then sorted according to output and prepared for shipment to you.



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