Step 1: Inspection of the Solar Cells

Every individual solar cell used in our modules must endure two thorough inspections prior to being approved as a "production grade cell". The first inspection is conducted in our cell manufacturing facility. Once approved here, it is again inspected during the "Incoming Material Inspection" prior to being assembled into modules. Inspecting every solar cell twice helps eliminate any cell with the slightest defect that could adversely affect the overall performance of a given module.


Step 2: Electroluminescent Testing

Every single module we produce must endure triple EL testing. The purpose of an "EL Test" is to detect a number of "potential" defects in the cells of the module that are undetectable via normal visual inspection, such as; broken contacts, micro cracks, shunts and grain boundaries. The first EL test administered is prior to lamination and the second EL Test is done again after lamination. The third EL test is done prior to the shipment of every module. This ensures that every module leaving our factory is of the highest quality possible.


Step 3: Flash Testing

Every module we produce is Flash Tested prior to lamination and again before shipment. The machines used are calibrated regularly by an independent 3rd party and in accordance with industry established standards for simulated Flash Testing. After all Flash Testing is completed, each module is classified according to output and prepared for shipment.


Step 4: Final Inspection

Every module that leaves the DMEGC Solar Energy production floor goes through one final visual inspection prior to being packaged for shipment. The EL and Flash test data results performed on each module are recorded internally for future traceability and are also included on a sticker on the back of each module.


Commitment to Quality

DMEGC Solar Energy is committed to providing high quality, high performance modules with full traceability of production and performance testing.


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